The Flowering Cycle Of Marijuana Plants


When do marijuana plants go into the flowering cycle?

To go from the growth cycle of marijuana plants to the flowering cycle, you only have to change the hours of light that the plants are receiving.

So, when do marijuana plants have to go into the flowering cycle? In traditional indoor marijuana extraction rooms, the growth phase lasts between 15 and 20 days. It is true that this varies depending on the genetics of the marijuana plants and the type of light for cannabis crops that we use. We can be guided by the size of the plant while it is in the growth phase.

The most common is to switch to the flowering phase when the marijuana plants reach the sixth or seventh node.

How to water marijuana plants in the flowering phase.

The risks depend on the food that the marijuana plants need at all times. As we well know, by changing the hours of light, the plants enter a cycle that we know as “pre-flowering“. This cycle lasts approximately 15 days, and it is when the plants grow the most. In this pre-flowering state, plants still require a high amount of nitrogen.

This is why, despite passing the plants to the flowering cycle, we will continue to water with the growth fertilizers during those 15 days that the pre-flowering lasts.

Irrigation with flowering fertilizers should begin when the marijuana plants have the first buds when we see the first flower spots.

As is normal, the level of PH and EC will also be modified when in the second cycle irrigations they are mixed with liquid flowering fertilizers.

How to measure the EC and pH of irrigation water?

To measure the PH and measure the EC of the water, there are meters that must be used every time we are ready to water. In this way, it is known if the values ​​are within the correct range.

The irrigations in the flowering cycle can start from an EC of 800/900 micro siemens, and depending on the variety we can go up to approximately 1800 micro siemens. In the first weeks of the flowering of marijuana plants, the PH level should start at 6 and reach 6.5 at the highest point of flowering (mid-fourth week to early sixth).

For the flowering phase, we have many more types of fertilizers for growing marijuana than in the growth phase. The waterings are much more complete in the second cycle since we can add base fertilizers, flowering stimulators, bud fattening, resin enhancers, etc.

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